What I Do

Working in ForgeRock's IT team in Bristol I design, build and mainatin globally-distributed Linux-based infrastructure on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Previously, I lived and worked in central London for five years, gaining experience in a wide variety of organisations including ecommerce start-up SecretSales.com and fintech outfit TIM Group, before moving to Bristol for a quieter life with my wife in July 2015.

I am a huge believer in Agile methodologies and DevOps practices, and have presented on the subject at PuppetCamp Stockholm in 2015 and also to the British Computer Society at Aberystwyth University in 2016. I am also an active contributor to the ServerFault Stack Exchange community.


I have a number of open source projects published on my GitHub - among them several Puppet modules, a Driving Test Cancellation Checker and a Bitcoin Node Status Page.

In the past I have been a PC performance enthusiast, once liquid-cooling an Intel Q6600 CPU and overclocking it to 3.6GHz. Sadly this build has retired in favour of a MacBook Pro, however I still try to keep up with the latest PC hardware developments when time permits.


I occasionally write blog posts on a variety of subjets, mainly technological and related to DevOps, Agile and Cloud practices and tools.


Music has played a monumental role in my life for many years. I own two bass guitars and have dabbled in recording and live sound engineering while at school and college.

My music tastes vary huge amount, from old-school heavy metal, through to more commercial power metal and classic rock and all the way to musical theatre and modern classical.

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