What I Do

Currently, I manage the UK & Europe Production Engineering team at Pismo, building the next generation of banking and payments techologies and managing a platform that processes upwards of $109bn in transactions every year.

Previously I managed the IT Infrastructure team at ForgeRock, serving upwards of 900 employees an running infrastructrue used by numerous global customers within a publicly-traded company (NYSE:FORG).

Between 2010 and 2015, I lived and worked in London, gaining experience in a wide variety of organisations including fast-paced ecommerce start-up SecretSales.com and DevOps fintech outfit TIM Group.

Throughout my career, I have been lucky enough to be part of many fantastic teams and organisations, all of whom have left a lasting mark - both personally and professionally - on my leadership style and outlook.

Agile, DevOps, SRE and Management

With a professional background deeply rooted in DevOps automation, Agile methodologies and Public Cloud systems engineering and Site Reliability Engineering practices, I vaule professional integrity, open and honest communication and a holistic approach to project delivery, with business needs at the core.

As well as accountability and alignment to business goals, I strongly believe that an engineering-driven approach delivers beneficial results to all stakeholders. Agile project delivery, combined with DevOps automation practices form the core of my methodology, and I have a proven record of both technical leadership and management of highly-performing and well-rounded systems engineering teams.

Conferences and Speaking

As an attendee, I have travelled to conferences around the world, including Google NEXT, PuppetConf/Puppetize (both in its Digital and Live guises) and various local DevOps meetups in Bristol.

Throughout the last few years, I have also branched out into conference speaking, on both technicl and non-technical topics centred around Puppet automation, DevOps practices and the continuing evoltution of the Systems Engineering and DevOps industries.

In 2019, I presented at Puppet's annual user conference in Portland (Oregon) - Puppetize PDX, reprising the presentation for Puppetize Digital in 2020. Away from Puppet, I have presented at several British Computer Society events run by Aberystwyth University.


Away from technology and family life, music has played a pivotal role in my life for many years. I own two bass guitars and have dabbled in recording and live sound engineering while at school and college.

My music tastes vary huge amount, from old-school heavy metal, through to more commercial power metal and classic rock and all the way to musical theatre and modern classical.

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