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iOS4 / iTunes 9.2 Voice Memo Sync Workaround

I recently did a couple of recordings using my new iPhone 4, and ran into a problem that others have been having regarding syncing Voice Memos to/from iTunes from Apple devices running iOS4. I have managed to work around the

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How To: Backup with SSH and Rsync

My websites (hosted with EvoHosting) are incrementally backed up to a server running on Atlantis – my VMware ESXi host – for the dual purposes of offline development and data resilience. I’m fairly sure that there are numerous guides out

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Multi-booting Windows and Linux using GRUB

After my last post on multi-booting different operating systems on the same PC – which was written close to 18 months ago now – I have gained even more experience in setting up multi-boot systems and would like to take

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Windows XP – Common Optimisation Issues

Quite often, a lot of the work I do with computers just involves giving the systems (mainly running Microsoft Windows XP or Vista) a general clean-up and speed-up, as they tend to slow down and clog up over time. I’ll

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