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iOS4 / iTunes 9.2 Voice Memo Sync Workaround

I recently did a couple of recordings using my new iPhone 4, and ran into a problem that others have been having regarding syncing Voice Memos to/from iTunes from Apple devices running iOS4. I have managed to work around the

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WordPress NextGEN Gallery – SEO Permalink Patch

After converting my gallery from Coppermine to NextGEN, one of the only downsides was the non-SEO friendly nature of NextGEN’s default permalink structure. After searching through Google, its seemed others had also raised the issue, but the feature was as-yet

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iPhone 4 – Full Review

As discussed in my earlier post, I have been playing with Apple’s newest toy today – the iPhone 4. After playing with the device for the best part of the day. I won’t be doing a step-by-step teardown, because if

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iPhone4 – First Impressions

So, I am the proud owner of a shiny new iPhone 4! I’ll give my first impressions here. First off, the device feels very hefty and very solid in-hand, and it’s got a nice feeling of quality about it. Not

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How To: Backup with SSH and Rsync

My websites (hosted with EvoHosting) are incrementally backed up to a server running on Atlantis – my VMware ESXi host – for the dual purposes of offline development and data resilience. I’m fairly sure that there are numerous guides out

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Senneiser CX-550 Headphone Review

Cross-posted from various forum threads, but thought I might as well post this here in my blog Background So, my venerable Sennheiser CX-300s bit the dust a week ago (it’s actually just the 3.5mm jack, I’ll probably get it repaired

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Free, Open Source Software: Why You Should Care

The intricacies of free, open source software (or FOSS) are very detailed (and sometimes political), so I won’t be going too deep here. What I will do, however, is outline the key benefits of FOSS over commercial software and why

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Windows Users: Switch to Firefox Today!

Apart from sounding like a 1960′s advertising slogan, the title of this blog actually does have some relevance. Today, Microsoft Windows users in Europe are being given the choice of eleven alternatives to its Internet Explorer web browser. I haven’t

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3 Great Open Source Apps

In a (somewhat vain) attempt to keep this blog a bit more up-to-date (I’ve set myself a target of one entry a week!), I hope to start writing some shorter blog entries in the future. In the first of these

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Multi-booting Windows and Linux using GRUB

After my last post on multi-booting different operating systems on the same PC – which was written close to 18 months ago now – I have gained even more experience in setting up multi-boot systems and would like to take

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