Running a Bitcoin Node with Puppet

In my previous blog, I gave my views on Bitcoin as a concept and also my take on Bitcoin’s future. Since writing that post, I’ve been researching into the technical background of Bitcoin, and have decided to set up my own Bitcoin node to help further the cause. I already have a VPS hosted with WeLoveServers (I […]

Bitcoin – Hype or Saviour?

I have been following the story of Bitcoin – the world’s most famous cryptocurrency – with a lot of interest since it became global news in late 2013. I am by no means a expert, nor am I an economist, but I am however a technologist at heart, and take a keen interest in most things that are new […]

Shellshock: Easy Mitigation Using Puppet

So … CVE-2014-6271, known as Shellshock, is widely being reported as the “next Heartbleed” – the high-profile bug in the open source OpenSSL framework that threatened to cripple the Internet’s security in April 2014. Here I will go into some loose detail about what Shellshock actually is, then offer an extremely simple way for systems […]

An Open Letter to Luis Suarez

Dear Luis, Let me start by saying that I am deeply saddened, disappointed and appalled by the events of the last 48 hours. How a player who has so much talent, has earned the respect and admiration of so many fans at Liverpool – and across Britain and the wider football community – can throw all of that […]

What is the Cloud?

Loved by management for its ability to save cash, lauded by developers for its ease of use and programmability, and greeted by sysadmins with a mixture of contempt, caution and celebration (more on my journey through those emotions in a future post!), the Cloud has turned corporate IT on its head, yanked it by the […]

WordPress NextGEN Gallery – SEO Permalink Patch

After converting my gallery from Coppermine to NextGEN, one of the only downsides was the non-SEO friendly nature of NextGEN’s default permalink structure. After searching through Google, its seemed others had also raised the issue, but the feature was as-yet unimplemented by Alex Rabe, NextGEN’s developer. Undaunted by this, I set about dismantling NextGEN’s code […]

iPhone 4 – Full Review

As discussed in my earlier post, I have been playing with Apple’s newest toy today – the iPhone 4. After playing with the device for the best part of the day. I won’t be doing a step-by-step teardown, because if you’re reading this, you’ll already have a good idea of the capabilities of the device, […]

iPhone4 – First Impressions

So, I am the proud owner of a shiny new iPhone 4! I’ll give my first impressions here. First off, the device feels very hefty and very solid in-hand, and it’s got a nice feeling of quality about it. Not having used an iPhone properly before, the iOS4 software feels responsive, and the much-discussed Retina […]

How To: Backup with SSH and Rsync

My websites (hosted with EvoHosting) are incrementally backed up to a server running on Atlantis – my VMware ESXi host – for the dual purposes of offline development and data resilience. I’m fairly sure that there are numerous guides out there already to accomplish this, but hopefully this will be useful for some. For ease […]